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Deep dive into your metabolic makeup and optimize your well-being.

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Hormone Health

Normal isn't always normal. We carefully assist you with optimizing your health and wellness through our proven functional medicine and hormone therapy programs.

Improve Your Performance and Vitality

Continuously increase your energy and motivation. Become stronger and more active with our goal oriented, results driven treatment programs.

Better Sex, Better Sleep

If it isn't happening in the bedroom, you need to look under the hood. No worries, this could be an easy fix. After all, more romance and a better night of Zzz's equals an improved quality of life

Hair Restoration

The most advanced state of the art, non-invasive hair restoration options on the market.

Why we do this!

We’ve sat with multiple physicians and primary care doctors who are unable to give us more than a few minutes of their time and attention, and only focus on one part of the problem – with limited resources, specialization and expertise

We’ve tried every course of action and asked ALL the questions, but have seen no results and can't seem to get to the root of our issues.

Healthcare is broken, and we’re on a mission to fix it!

We're Leading a New Wave of Health & Wellness.

"Our top priorities at Dynamic are the safety of our clients, and to treat each Dynamic Club member like they are our only client"

The priority is always you.

- Evan Gray, Founder and CEO